Family network "Rastilka"

Do you want to give your children an incentive to develop? Create family network! Publish study and life goals. Reward successes with hearts and use them in real life...

How it works?

After all, if there is a motivation then there will be success in studies!

With the help of the app, you can create a family social network and create motivation to study and increase mutual understanding.

All family members need goals, children especially need incentives.

The goals can be: cartoons, mobile or computer games, toys, gifts, going to the cinema or restaurant, amusement park, holidays, etc.

Benefits for parents

Pedagogical education maximizes the potential

Domestic idyll

Adult family members can build relationships more easily!


Benefits for children

Incentive for development and mutual understanding

Ease of communication

Education is faster, and communication is easier!


Try to raise children together!

Record the successes as in a regular social network and give hearts-likes for them.

As a matter of fact life gives us surprises and children sometimes behave like children and any event can also be the subject of publication and further commenting by all family members. After consultations you can remove some hearts from the balance, which of course can upset the child. But, after a while you will see ... What a miracle! "They will start to make their beds, brush the teeth and home duties will be done without reminders.

When the hearts are accumulated enough, the child can spend them in the way which was agreed beforehand by the family.

Family social network is a way to create understandable rules for a child and interest in achievements.

But be prepared that both your child or your spouse can publish your mistake and then you will have to adapt and become better.

The experience of using the app

In short, there are many opportunities to use the family social network.

And I, the mother of four boys, want to share our experience. We use the app every day. The main goal of the boys is of course computer games (one heart gives 10 minutes of game), cartoons or movies (one cartoon for 5 hearts). The boys sometimes break something and then their balance decreases in accordance with the damage and agreements. The amount of hearts increases for good grades and of course decrease for bad grades in school. Sometimes they buy something for themselves and sometimes they want to go to the cinema with the whole family.

Children begin to respond to motivation from the age of four, then their tasks are simple: make a bed, brush their teeth, put toys in order, etc.

The spouse has a 15-year-old daughter who gets one heart for every excellent grade in school. She certainly has more adult needs and a stronger motivation to achieve maximum results.

Sometimes the post in our family network is dedicated to the head of the family or me, because we are all not perfect.

That's the way we live! I hope our experience will be useful to you.


What else is useful?

The future of children and families is priceless!

Very interesting

Not only children, but also adults can collect hearts and get conditioned prizes, attention, or just time!

There is a free period

During the free period, you can see for sure whether your family will be able to use the app!

It's simple

Translating hearts is as easy as putting a like! And the experience of ideas about adult life is huge!

User-friendly and intuitive interface

Everything is made as clear as possible, even a child will understand:)

If you have an iPhone, you can already create incentives for evolution for your family.

Time to make a choice!